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Waldbee's Liquid Honey is 100% pure that comes directly from the beehive. We carefully extracted the honey from the honeycomb and strained the large particles while retaining its natural enzymes and components. Its luscious colour comes from a variety of flowers like sunflower, canola, alfalfa, clover and wildflowers which provide forage for the honeybees around Selkirk and surrounding areas.

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Waldbee's Creamed Honey is made of 100% pure honey that undergoes crystallization. The crystallization has been carefully controlled to make it spreadable by working with the natural tendency of honey to crystallize. Nothing is added, and nothing has been taken away, so honey's natural components and health benefits remain intact.

We enhance Waldbee's Creamed Honey by adding high-quality natural flavours to it. We have a variety of flavours for you to enjoy Creamed Honey in different ways. Spice up your cooking and recipes or boost the taste of your ordinary snacks and drinks with Waldbee's Flavoured Creamed Honey. 

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