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About the Company

Waldbee Honey Farms Inc. began in 2004 and is located in East Selkirk, Manitoba. It is owned and operated by father and son, Elias and Philip Waldner. 

With the initial purchase of 600 hives, the company has steadily grown over the years. Today there are 1500 production hives producing 300,000 lbs of honey annually. In addition they also raise some of their own queens. The hives are situated within a 30 km radius of East Selkirk. A production facility was built to perform all the functions necessary to ensure a quality food safe product. The honey is extracted and packaged by hand at our own facility with a batch specific traceability system in place. Waldbee Honey Farms Inc. conforms to the highest standards and is regularly inspected by the CFIA.

With the increase in production and sales, Waldbee Honey Farms Inc. now employs four temporary foreign workers from the Philippines who are certified beekeepers by trade. Family members, local residents and students are also employed, boosting the local rural economy.

Philip takes great pride in his honey and guarantees the creamed honey stays smooth, creamy and spreadable down to the last spoonful. Waldbee Honey Farms Inc. produces several types of honey that are not pasteurized, ensuring that all the natural health benefits are never compromised.


Members of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association

Participating Beekeeper in the True Source Certified Program

Waldbee Honey Crew.jpg

Waldbee Honey Farms 2021 Crew

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